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Winter safety contest

During the fall and winter months, storms and adverse weather are frequent across B.C. resulting in  power outages and downed power lines.
Let’s help students get prepared for storm season and keep everyone safe. Steps we can take include assembling an emergency preparedness kit, knowing how to keep everyone safe during a power outage and understanding the hazards associated with BC Hydro’s electrical system, like safety around downed power lines.
Take part in our fun online Winter Safety contest to learn what goes into an emergency kit, and get your students prepared for the storm season.

How to participate

We have created an image trivia game for Grades K-3, and a memory game for Grades 4-7, each taking about 15 minutes. These activities are also available in French.  
Click on the picture of the game corresponding to your grade level, complete the game as a class and your class will be entered to win a prize package. 


There are four classroom prize packages to win. Each prize package includes one classroom emergency kit and a class set of first aid kits with flashlights. Each student can take these home to start building an emergency kit with their family.

Note for multiple classes

We received a few queries on wanting to retake the activities with multiple classes. For the image trivia, the best work around would be an incognito or private browser, cleaning out your cache after playing every game, or quitting the existing session. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll try to improve the user experience for future contests. For the memory game, you should be able to take this multiple times.


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