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October 6 livestream at Stave Falls

Learn how electricity is generated in B.C. from our Stave Falls Dam.

November 10 livestream with Science World

Join our exciting livestream event and celebrate the 'acts of clean' we've achieved together. We'll also be announcing our prize winners.

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Help the planet and be entered to win one of our prize packs. We have weekly prizes that will help you on your eco-friendly journey and a grand prize (hint - it might involve a pizza party and more).

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Help spread the word by encouraging others in your community to join the challenge. Together, let’s accomplish 10,000 #ActsOfClean this fall.

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Watch this video to find out how small everyday actions can have a positive impact on the environment.

Acts of clean achieved


About the challenge

We're challenging youth ages 5-17 in classrooms, households and community groups to take up our Acts of Clean challenge. The weekly challenges start October 4 and run until October 29.
An ‘act of clean’ is an action that helps us reduce our carbon footprint. Each week as part of this challenge, we're going to issue three acts of clean you can take part in. An act such as turning off the light when you leave a room helps us use less energy and when we use less energy we can reduce our impact on climate change. Many small acts combined can have a big impact on the environment and you might even be taking some of these steps already.
Sign up your class, household or community group now to participate in the challenge and to receive email updates about the weekly challenges, prizes, and fun livestream events.

How to take part in the challenge 

Over four weeks, there will be weekly challenges where youth will take on the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint to help combat climate change. 
  • Step 1 - Sign up for the four week challenge.
  • Step 2 - Keep track (tally) the weekly acts of clean completed by your group.
  • Step 3 - Submit your teams total 'acts of clean' tally each week - this enters you into weekly and grand prizes. 
    • Bonus prize entry: Submit a photo from your group of an act of clean being completed for an additional prize entry.
Every action counts, so make sure to track (tally) every ‘act of clean’ completed during the weekly challenge. For example, daily acts like turning off the lights can be tracked multiple times a day.

Join us to complete 10,000 #ActsOfClean this fall and let’s take action against climate change together. We’ve got this. 


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